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As this blog showed some time ago, moleskine notebooks are my method of choice when it comes to keeping a log of my thoughts. In using those wonderful little black journals I have no pressure of keeping such thoughts organized or even coherent. There is a slight problem with such a system, the more I write and study the more my notebook struggles to keep up with all the differing thoughts at once. It’s not your fault oh trusty moleskine, it’s mine.

With that in mind, I will strive yet again to keep a public log of my thoughts and studies right here, at my old friend The New Gray. Posts will come more frequently and comments would be greatly appreciated. Just know that whether there are comments or not, I’m gonna keep posting. I need to. My life needs a bit more order and this might be one way to assist in that endeavor. Or, I may fail. Time will tell.

At least if I keep posting, my all time favorite college VP will quit bugging me to post more often!


It’s good to see some significant research in the area of social networking.  

Digizen posted an interesting report here on social networking being used to enhance both formal and informal learning among students.