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I wrote yesterday about balance.  Obviously it’s something that’s an ongoing challenge for me and I suspect most humans.  There are times when we  just need something to throw us off our rocker a bit. I gave myself that something this morning.  A friend has been letting me borrow one of his cars and as I was preparing for another long day, I put my stuff in the boot, closed it and went to get in and drive off.  One problem, as I was closing the window door to the boot, it bumped my hand, knocking the key into the locked car.  Hmm, that’s a problem. My friend is currently out of the country so who knows when I’ll be able to get back into it.  I can survive without the car and will make do without my office computer ( I have a personal one that I can use in the mean time) but it’s a frustration.   I’m sure significant mocking will ensue once it gets out that I’ve done this and that is to be deserved.  My schedule has now been thrown off as well, but due to my own lack of attention to detail so I can’t really be mad.   The bottom line is yet again, this is a great chance for me to learn how to be flexible!   


This is great.  Michael Patton’s top 20 theologically based ways to woo your significant other.