I need to keep track of what I’m what I’m reading, and to help keep some of that info in my head, I need to start spelling out the thoughts that fly by as I read each book.  So, without further ado, here are three I’m most heavily into at the moment:

Under the Unpredictable Plant by Eugene Peterson

Almost done with this one.  Having struggled with what it means to be a Pastor/Shepherd and faithful husband and wife all at the same time, this book will be a repeat read.  It gets long, as Peterson often does but the call to vocational holiness and steps that can help protect that have been crucially timely for me.  He speaks of staying committed to one flock in the midst of uncertainty and hardship in a fashion that’s both poignant and convicting.  I started reading it because Jonah is the subject matter and I’ve been teaching on that, but this book has been far more than a simple sermon help.

Surprised by Grace by Tullian Tchividjian

I love this guy’s writing style.  Again, a book on Jonah, and again, can get a little wordy, but so far, it’s been great.  Great character sketches on Jonah and the Ninevites.  Should be a good read the whole way through. Best quote so far:  “He hides from the fact that whle our sin reaches far, God’s amazing grace reaches farther, and that God’s willingness to forgive is infinitely bigger than our willingness to sin–something Jonah has just experienced.”

Born to Run by Christopher Mcdougall

A fun read, and an inspiring read.  Mcdougall recounts the tale of chasing after a group of superhuman endurance runners; a people without pollution from the outside world.  While telling the story, he intertwines beliefs and opinions about the value of barefoot running, something I’ll be trying more of as my feet get stronger.  I’ll still wear shoes, just very minimal ones.