By definition, my vocation as a pastor/shepherd requires significant writing and preparation for teaching sessions, small group leading, curriculum development and the like.  Writing is finicky if you ask me.  There are some weeks, especially when preparing a message or talk, that things come together with great ease.  Those weeks scare me if they happen too often because it could mean that I am not seeking God’s guidance in my preparation, I’m just doing it in my own strength.

Then there are weeks where I study, devote time and thought to the text at hand (this week, Jonah 3) and the pieces don’t quite come together in a manner that I was hoping.  There are a million reasons why this might happen to a guy that has a hard time concentrating.  Today is that kind of day.  I don’t have magical solutions to how to get through the block but I have a couple of ideas that may just help.  First, I’m gonna read a bit of something not directly related to my message.  Second, at 4:30, it will be time for a run.  How far and how long, I’m not sure, but running clears my head.  Third, I’ll play with my kids, eat some dinner and try to give myself time to observe the world around me while recollecting moments of the week.  Finally, I’ll have another go.

It might work this way, it might not.  And if it doesn’t, I’ll try again tomorrow.  Or post about all my failed solutions.