I am just about to leave to take some of our newer youth group members and their folks on a unique Hong Kong adventure.  We are going cliff jumping at one of the most beautiful spots you can find in Hong Kong.

Having lived here for 5 years, I feel in many ways that I have adapted well to the society and culture.  I love this place, it’s become home.  That’s good.  Even better?  I don’t think all the changes I have needed to make to be moderately comfortable and effective here have cost me my personal identity.  In fact, I believe having to adapt has polarized the need for me to be confident of who I am in Christ.

Case in point.  I’m at heart a bit, shall we say, non-traditional.  I don’t take risks just for the sake of risk.  I take risks for some goal to be achieved.  Many do that, just not many in HK.  That’s why I love that God has placed me here.  I have gained enough trust with some of our parishioners  to begin introducing them to things outside their normal comfort zones.  Sure, it  takes some longer than others, but the joy is still there.

In many ways this assignment has been a hard one.  Getting the opportunity to stretch people, especially parents, helps me to realize being non-traditional doesn’t necessarily mean I’m ineffective.  Maybe I’m doing exactly what God intended all along.