I’ve begun an amazing 90 day journey through the Bible.  I’m currently on my 3rd and already very aware that there are a LOT of pages in God’s word.  I digress.

I’m getting toward the end of Genesis, reading about the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob so far.  While I’ve read these accounts numerous times over, the parallels between generations has struck a chord more this time than previous occasions.  Why?  Because, they all seem to repeat the mistakes of their fathers.

This is both disheartening and encouraging.  It saddens me that my kids will inevitably make some of the same mistakes as I have. I am however encouraged that men with some big, glaring mistakes in their lives can go on to live big lives for God, basking in His favour.  The Bible doesn’t just give us the good stuff, it includes the failures, the missteps, and the dirty laundry.  I’m glad it does.  I need to be reminded of how easy it is to get off track and hopefully not make the same mistakes that others have made before me.